• Catered Lunch Menu

      $45.00 per person, plus, plus (prices may vary dependant on venue)

    • Bar

      All bar Catering Has to Be Done By us
      A minimum of $2000.00 must be ordered for us to come to your location with a bartender with the required one day catering liquor license.

    • Lunch Includes (choose 2)

      Mexican Style Shrimp Cocktail
      Crab & Corn Empanadas
      Grilled Street Corn
      Relleno Style Goat Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

    • Blue Rose Salad (included)

    • Street Tacos (choose 1)

      Grilled Achiote Marinated Steak
      Chicken Verde
      Rosa Azul Lobster (add $7.00)

    • Lazy Enchiladas (choose 1)

      Chicken Verde
      Traditional Cheese

    • Beans and Rice (included)