Crab and Corn Empanadas∙∙∙∙

Crab and Corn Empanadas∙∙∙∙ $14.50 Corn , Dungeness crab & cheese filled dough pockets with salsa verde & cilantro crema


Nachos $14.00 Fresh Corn Chips covered with Melted Cheese, Black Beans, Jalapeños, Pico De Gallo, Guacamole and Sour Cream Add Chicken $6 Add Beef or Carnitas $9

Street Corn on The Cobb∙∙∙∙

Street Corn on The Cobb∙∙∙∙ $9.00 Grilled Roasted Corn Cobb with lime, Mayonnaise and Ancho Chile  Powder topped with Cotija Cheese, Derailed Tableside

Queso Fuido∙∙∙∙

Queso Fuido∙∙∙∙ $14.50 A delicious combination of melted Menonita Cheese, Cotija Cheese, Cream Cheese, Onions and  Peppers and served with Homemade Tortillas.