Lobster Enchiladas∙∙∙∙

Lobster Enchiladas∙∙∙∙ $28.50 Lobster in a Light Poblano Sauce, Tomatoes, Onions and Cilantro Crèma.

Lobster Tacos∙∙∙·

Lobster Tacos∙∙∙· $26.50 Lobster Claw Meat sautéed with Roasted Poblano Chile Sauce with Onion and Tomato

Carne Asada∙∙∙·

Carne Asada∙∙∙· $26.00 Sliced Top Sirloin with 3 mini cheese Quesadilla Tomato and Avocado and Tortillas

Rosa Azul Platter∙∙∙∙

Rosa Azul Platter∙∙∙∙ $29.50 Lobster Enchilada in a Light Cream Poblano Sauce, Chile Relleno Topped with Shrimp and Maggie’s Red Sauce and a Baja Fish Taco

Chile Relleno** ∙∙∙∙

Chile Relleno** ∙∙∙∙ $17.50 Fresh Poblano Pepper Stuffed with Cheese and Covered in Maggie’s Red Sauce

Crescent Ave. Trio* ∙∙∙∙

Crescent Ave. Trio* ∙∙∙∙ $26.50 One Enchilada (Cheese, Beef or Chicken) and Taco Choose (Beef or Chicken) and a Cheese filled Chile Relleno

Pan Seared Salmon* ∙∙∙∙

Pan Seared Salmon* ∙∙∙∙ $29.00 Topped with a Poblano Chile Cream Sauce served with Chipotle Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Corn Salsa